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Crowdsourcing brings financial servicer doxo to life

July 20, 2019
With more than three million users in its 10-year lifespan, financial servicer doxo boasts its growing presence as the first crowdsourced and customer-centered bill pay solution and website. doxo began in 2008, bringing an easy and convenient bill payment service to customers. Through the years, many people have switched to doxo because of these amenities as well as the peace of mind for a service provider that presents simple, secure and scam-free support for completing a life necessity.

doxo provides a desirable service to its users that is built around them, built around the ever important consumer. This Seattle-based brand, with many influential investors, allows users to take true control of their financial payment methods and how they pay their bills, including extending options such as credit card payments for bill pay. Additionally, doxo has created a truly accessible site that is mobile friendly to ensure payers can complete these tasks while on-the-go rather than relying on budgeted time at home in addition to their budgeted dollars.